Who we are & what we do

"Avuxeni" is the Tsonga word for

Good Morning \ Hello \ Sawubona

Affordable, quality & accredited computer training was inaccessible to most South Africans for an extensive period. It was only to be found in the larger metropolitan areas and was very expensive. The need for such accessible training, especially in rural areas, gave birth to KZN Avuxeni Computer Academy & Training Centre. We specialise in bringing quality & affordable computer end-user training to communities in both rural and urban areas.

Avuxeni KZN opened its first facility in August 2006, and has since grown to 20 training facilities in 18 towns\communities across KwaZulu-Natal. We have the biggest geographical footprint in KwaZulu-Natal by any computer training institute.

The majority of new enrollments at Avuxeni Computer Academy KZN comes from private individuals wishing to better their future, but we are also geared to provide structured and profiled training interventions to companies through skills programs.


What makes us different.....

  • Readiness to serve underdeveloped rural communities - we place our pc's and facilitators in villages and train community members right on their doorsteps - saving   them time and money they would have spent on travelling to larger towns \ cities
  • Affordable payment plans with no interest charged or hidden costs
  • Flexible class times to suit any time schedule - full-time or part-time